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Welcome to Ambassador International University

Let me introduce myself and family.  I'm Jim Gerhart along with my wife, Christal and my three kids, James, Cassie, and Boaz.  Cassie and Boaz live with us at the campus and James is on staff at a church in Florida.  The Lord has called me and my family to serve Him here at AIU as the Vice-Chancellor of the University, and I count it a privilege to be His ambassador. 


AIU offers theology degrees for resident students as well as for students involved in distance learning around the world.  Let me give you a tour of all aspects about our University through the next few pages......

About our Campus...

Our campus is located about 14 kilometers east of Chongwe, Zambia, near a small mountain called Kazemba.  It is located on the crest of a hill on about 260 acres of beautiful land.  God has given us a wonderful facility which includes student hostels, faculty housing, a 5,000-book library, classrooms, cafeteria, machine/wood shop, a state-of-the-art rural health clinic, a mother's waiting house, guest hostels and a guest lodge, an administration building, and many smaller support buildings.  Here are a few pictures of our campus..... 

Contains 5000 resources plus area for study and computer lab
Jeffries Teachers' Lodge
Guest Lodge on campus with six private rooms and private baths, kitchen, and great room.
Student hostels
Two to three students occupy a hostel on one of 8 compounds
Staff House
Home of Mwales (Dean of Theology)
Vice-Chancellor's house
Home of Jim and Christal Gehart and family
Campus classrooms
Four classrooms PLUS library houses two additional classrooms
Visited 3 times a day by all of our students!
Football Field
In US we would call this a soccer field.
Chifundo Rural Health Center
8800 SF clinic which provides medical care for students/staff and the greater community.
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The campus is composed of 15 compounds as you see on the map.  Students and staff live in a compound complete with 10 hostels, a bathhouse, and a staff house.


Chifundo Rural Health Clinic is located at the northeast entrance of the university.  

The campus has a large garden which helps feed the students and staff and provides training for future farmers. We plan to add aquaponics in 2021 to increase food production and conserve water.

We also have three poultry houses on the north side of the campus.  We raise 700 chickens every two weeks!  Bet you can't guess what is on the menu a couple times a week?

We have a football (soccer) field and volleyball courts for social activities and school competition.  

Watch a video flying over our Campus...

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Tel: 097-284-2408

Email: registrar@gospelink.org

Distance Learning:  AIU.DL@gospelink.org

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PO Box 166, Chongwe, Zambia

Chifundo Rural Health Center

8800 SF clinic which provides medical care for students/staff and the greater community.