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We need your help!



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Sponsor a student.

We have several students who desire to attend AIU, but for every student who comes, we need 4- $50 per month scholarships.  You can adopt a student who needs sponsorship and assist him in preparing for ministry.  Without your help, most of these students would NEVER be able to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Theology.  Most come from very poor families or have no family to support them.  Some come to the campus with only one change of clothes.  You can bless a student with your prayers and your gifts.  If you cannot afford $50, any size gift will be appreciated and directed to the student scholarship fund.



Our septic tanks are overflowing!!!

Compounds 6, 8. and 13 septic tanks are full and overflowing!  They have to be pumped immediately or you know what will be happening in short order!!!  We have a company that will come and pump them but we need to raise the $2,000 cost.  They are large tanks, so there process is much more involved than pumping a residence in the US.  The company that gave us our bid said they "wanted our stinking business!"  While this may be a laughing matter, it really is not for the students and staff who live on these compounds.  They can only hold it for so long!

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We desperately need a DEEP WELL!

The campus us facing a HUGE water shortage!  Normally several inches of rain fall during the "rainy season" and fill all the underground reservoirs, but this year, very little rain came.  We are just in the beginning of the dry season, and already our wells are critically low.  Not only will our campus be in a desperate situation very soon, but the entire community will experience famine and lack of drinking water.  The only solution we can think of is to drill a deep well to service not only the campus, but the greater community.  The cost for a deep well is around $8,500.

Keeping and storing our food....

Supporting the Ministry of AIU

AIU offers an excellent Bible degree program to those in Africa that cannot otherwise afford it. We rely upon the friends and ministry partners to support the school and its various ministries through their financial gifts, prayer, and volunteer service.


If you would like to learn more about our ministry and how you can support us, please see our parent ministry organization, Gospelink.

If you are interested in serving at the University as a volunteer lecturer, you can find out more by clicking the link here. If you are interested in visiting our campus, you can click here

On behalf of our students and staff, thank you for prayerfully considering partnering with us in this vital ministry in Zambia.


Sponsor a student.

It cost approximately $4,500 per year for a student to attend which includes Tuition, Room and board. This works out to about $375 per month or 7.5 $50 monthly sponsorships. For most students there is no way they could begin to cover what it cost which is why they depend on support from the friends of the ministry.
On the website support students and staff by selecting the AIU Sustainer Fund.


Vehicle Maintenance....

We have three major vehicles on campus which are used almost daily. They travel down the dirt road from the campus to the GREAT EAST-WEST highway, about 12 kilometers. Someone once described the road as "a roller coaster in a dust storm." It is extremely hard on our vehicles which break down almost monthly. Tires continually need replacement. The truck cab even came unwelded from the frame because of the beating it takes. Funding is continually needed to just keep the vehicles running to town to purchase food and supplies. We spend hundreds of dollars monthly to maintain our vehicles, and your help would be appreciated.


Clinic Needs

We are averaging between 2,000 and 3,000 patients in a month at the Chifundo Rural Health Clinic. While much of our medicines are provided by the Health Department of Zambia, some are not available thus we must purchase them in town. We also hire village staff and must pay them monthly. Regular donations are needed to maintain the services of the clinic which benefit the students, staff, and neighboring people.

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