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Welcome AIU Students

Dear AIU Students, Welcome to the AIU website. Please take time to the go through and see how you can get help. Make it your top priority to visit this page as often as you can.

COVID-19 Update

All of our students are now back on campus taking courses as much as normal. We still use distancing and masks to prevent the spread of COVID, but so far, everyone is healthy. Our USA teachers are now coming during the months of April - July. The student are excited to receive them as well as missions groups coming with them from the US.

Aquaponics Coming Soon

We are excited about the coming of an aquaponics program to the campus. We will be raising fish in a tank and using the water from the tank to feed a hydroponics system for growing vegetables. Aquaponics actually uses 10% of the water used in a dirt farming, so this will be a big PLUS for the university, since at times in the year water is scarce. Also you can grow almost twice the amount of produce using aquaponics.

Completion of Distance Learning Program

For over two years now we have been working on converting all of our resident courses into Distance Learning format. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We should have all courses completed by August 2020! Now we will be able to offer a full bachelors degree via Distance Learning to any student anywhere in the world!

New Scholarship Program for DL Students to Begin...

AIU is seeking to expand its Distance Learning Program all through southern Africa. Our staff has been calling dozens of pastors who are ministering in these areas and have discovered that most of the pastors would really love to begin taking classes, but many cannot afford the total tuition of $40 per course. We would like to establish a scholarship FUND to assist these pastors in taking courses. If you would like to help a pastor take a DL course and grow in his knowledge of God's Word, email Chuck at or Jill Murphy at and let them know you'd like to lend a hand.

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