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Welcome to Ambassador International University

God is at work at AIU!  He has provided us with a beautiful campus where we prepare students to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our purpose is to train Africa's next generation of spiritual leaders.  Our curriculum is all about the Bible.  Our goal is to honor our Savior in all that we do. 


In the next few pages, we hope you can get a glimpse of what God is doing at this university.  There are hundreds of pictures that will tell you the story that God is at work!  

About Our Campus...

Our campus is located about 14 kilometers east of Chongwe, Zambia, near a small mountain called Kazemba.  It is located on the crest of a hill on about 260 acres of beautiful land.  God has given us a wonderful facility which includes student hostels, faculty housing, a 5,000-book library, classrooms, cafeteria, machine/wood shop, a state-of-the-art rural health clinic, a mother's waiting house, guest hostels and a guest lodge, an administration building, a computer lab, a NEW auditorium/chapel, a daycare center and playground, and many smaller support buildings.  There are more than 150 buildings in all!  Here are a few pictures of our campus..... 

AIU logo.png

The campus is composed of 15 compounds on the 260 acres as you see on the map.  Students and staff live in a compound complete with 10 hostels, a bathhouse, and a staff house.


Chifundo Rural Health Clinic and the H.E. Wyatt Administration building are located at the northeast entrance of the university.  Also on the left of the entrance are three duplex houses for medical personnel.


The campus has a large garden which helps feed the students and staff and provides training for future farmers. 

We also have three poultry houses on the north side of the campus.  We raise 700 chickens every two weeks!  Bet you can't guess what is on the menu a couple times a week?

We have a football (soccer) field and volleyball courts for social activities and school competition.  

God has richly blessed AIU.  To Him be praised!

Watch a video flying over our Campus...

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