Chifundo Rural Health Center

Chifundo Rural Health Center is a rural health post located on the campus of Ambassador International University.  The Clinic is known throughout the region for compassionate care and high medical standards.  Dr. Marjie Heier came to the clinic in 2013 was our only doctor and director of the program, until she moved back to the US in May of 2020.  

Caring for the sick is a powerful way to bear witness to Christ, who is the source of all healing.  The clinic staff treat thousands of patients per month, most of which cannot afford quality medical care.  While the clinic services the college students and staff, most of the clinic patients are from rural or impoverished areas.  Some patients come from many miles away.  When the patients come, we not only provide the very best medical care, but share the Gospel with each one.  Through the clinic ministry, more than 1000 people came to Christ this last year!

An addition was added to the clinic in 2017 (see pictures below) but has already proven inadequate for the monthly demands on the facility.  We have three additional additions on the books to add to the clinic which will allow for the addition of a nursing program as a part of our under graduate degrees.  Also, the clinic has been establishing programs for the community to learn marketable skills such as sewing and making kitchen stoves.  These new programs demand further space and additional staffing (see plans at bottom of this page).

By providing life-saving care, Chifundo Rural Health Center works to share a life-saving of eternal life through Jesus!

They say pictures say a thousand words, so here are some pictures of past eye clinics, ENT clinics, dental clinics, and pictures of the clinic building.....

Our future plans...

The needs of the clinic are three-fold.  We need a room for community projects which we will call our Out-Reach room.  We need additional patient rooms.  And to add a nursing program to our available degrees, we need a science lab and nursing classroom for instruction.  Phase I is the Out-Reach addition.  Phase II is the nursing classroom/science lab.  And Phase III is the addition to add fourteen additional patient beds. Below are the plans on the drawing board.....

The additions to the existing clinic building...

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