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Our Academics

We have three academic programs at the University but our only major emphasis is theology.  All three of our programs are accredited by the Higher Education Authority of Zambia.  Our motto is to "train Africa's next generation of spiritual leaders."  If you are interested in learning God's Word to better prepare to serve the Lord, then AIU may be the place for you.
Certificate in Biblical Studies
Diploma in Biblical Studies

The Certificate in Biblical Studies is offered as Distance Learning only.  It entails earning 30 credits (15 courses) in Biblical Studies. (see listed courses below)

The Diploma in Biblical Studies is granted to the student who earns 60 credit units as a resident or Distance Learning student.  A maximum of 30 credits can be transferred.

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Bachelor of Arts in Theology resident
and Distance Learning

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology is granted to the candidates that have completed 120 credit units (90 of which can be transferred) at AIU.  Courses include theology, English proficiency, computer technology, and Biblical counseling.  Credits can be earned via Distance Learning or as a resident student.

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Courses currently being offered at the bachelor's level..


Advanced Hermeneutics

Apologetics and World Views 

Basic English 

English Composition and Grammar

Computers / Research  

Bible Doctrines Survey I

Bible Doctrines Survey II

Biblical Backgrounds

Biblical Counseling 

Biblical Ethics  

Bible Geography & Near East Studies 

Bible Study Methods 

Biblical Backgrounds

Christ and Culture


Cults and Marginal Groups



Evangelism and Church Planting 

Family Life


Heroes of the Faith 

History of Christianity 1 

History of Christianity 2

History of Christian Missions 

Homiletics 1 

Homiletics 2


Introduction to Psychology

New Testament Greek

Old Testament Hebrew



Life of Christ - Harmony of the Gospels 

Managing Your Resources God's Way

Minor Prophets

Promoting Community Wellness

New Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey


Pastoral Ministries

Progress of Redemption

Pauline Epistles  

General Epistles 

Pastoral Epistles 

Personal Spiritual Life 


Poetic Books 

Principles in Leadership I: Nehemiah 

Principles for Discipling Others 

Progress of Redemption


Senior Thesis

Teaching Principles and Methods  

Theology of Worship 

The Church and Education

The Importance of Prayer

Youth Discipleship 

World Religions 1 - Islam

World Religions 2 - Eastern Religions 

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