We need your help!



Sponsor a student.

We have several students who desire to attend AIU, but for every student who comes, we need 4- $50 per month scholarships.  You can adopt a student who needs sponsorship and assist him in preparing for ministry.  Without your help, most of these students would NEVER be able to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Theology.  Most come from very poor families or have no family to support them.  Some come to the campus with only one change of clothes.  You can bless a student with your prayers and your gifts.  If you cannot afford $50, any size gift will be appreciated and directed to the student scholarship fund.


Our septic tanks are overflowing!!!

Compounds 6, 8. and 13 septic tanks are full and overflowing!  They have to be pumped immediately or you know what will be happening in short order!!!  We have a company that will come and pump them but we need to raise the $2,000 cost.  They are large tanks, so there process is much more involved than pumping a residence in the US.  The company that gave us our bid said they "wanted our stinking business!"  While this may be a laughing matter, it really is not for the students and staff who live on these compounds.  They can only hold it for so long!



We desperately need a DEEP WELL!

The campus us facing a HUGE water shortage!  Normally several inches of rain fall during the "rainy season" and fill all the underground reservoirs, but this year, very little rain came.  We are just in the beginning of the dry season, and already our wells are critically low.  Not only will our campus be in a desperate situation very soon, but the entire community will experience famine and lack of drinking water.  The only solution we can think of is to drill a deep well to service not only the campus, but the greater community.  The cost for a deep well is around $8,500.

Keeping and storing our food....

We need your help!

AIU does not charge our resident students tuition or fees to attend the University.

100% of our income comes from donor support of our students and campus projects.  Hundreds of faithful Christians donate each month to help a student obtain his degree or diploma and help establish him in his future ministry of service to the Lord.  Currently, Gospelink raises six supports for each student at $50 per month, for a total of $300 per month to pay for food, housing, and all the expenses of running a campus in the bush of Africa.  However, the student support does not pay for any other development projects on campus.  They all come from donors like you.  Here are some projects which the Lord might lay on your heart to assist us.  If so, you can respond to each need, and we will contact you concerning how you can help.  

Let me tell you how I can help...
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